About Proper Goose

After starting off in 2015 designing and making Limited Edition First Day Covers, we realised we had many other for usage for our equipment; printers Lasers etc and we decided to branch out into the personalised gift market.  Our previous name, FDCovers, really wasn’t right for our new venture so we set about thinking of a name for our new company.

After several gins and based on our surname of Gosling (no relation to Ryan, unfortunately!) my wife, Tracy thought of the name Proper Gander but quickly realised that the name could be misinterpreted (particularly as the children didn’t even know what a ‘gander’ was! ).  Tracy then said what about “Proper Goose”? 

So in 2016 Proper Goose was born.

Meet the Team


JOB ROLE: Director / Owner

Favourite food: Thai food or bacon and banana sandwiches!

Favourite place to travel: Thailand

Favourite Proper Goose product: Any type of tin - I like keeping things in boxes

Fun fact: I went sky diving in Arizona


JOB ROLE: Director / Owner

Favourite food: Dippy egg and soldiers

Favourite place to travel: Thailand (so far...)

Favourite Proper Goose product: I love the coffee tins because coffee is almost a food group for me!

Fun fact: I can do the splits


JOB ROLE: Director

Favourite food: Curries!

Favourite place to travel: The Balearics

Favourite Proper Goose product: Ceramic jars - they look great & have so many uses

Fun fact: I'm an avid gamer


JOB ROLE: A bit of everything!

Favourite food: Anything with carbs :)

Favourite place to travel: New York

Favourite Proper Goose product: Personalised pet photo playing cards

Fun fact: I can lick my elbow


JOB ROLE: Production Technician

Favourite food: Chicken katsu curry

Favourite place to travel: Skiing in Italy

Favourite Proper Goose product: Star foiled playing cards

Fun fact: I can play the saxophone


JOB ROLE: Wood Manager

Favourite food: Hungarian cabbage rolls

Favourite place to travel: Anywhere in the countryside

Favourite Proper Goose product: Any of the personalised wood products, particularly the wood photo gifts

Fun fact: I’m afraid of Santa Claus and his reindeers